Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is here and it's time for a little re-potting and a few new plants.  I lost quite a few roses last summer; just too darn hot.  I added 14 plumerias last year and they've come through the winter with no problems.

Some blooms from last year-

Blueberry Hill

Bouquet d'Or

Leonardo da Vinci

Clementina Carbonieri


Mystery Rose #1

Purple Rain


Violet Mist

World War II Memorial
         I've added some wires so the Teas and Ramblers can ramble.

Clair Matin
Mme. Alfred Carriere
The azaleas and orchids are popping out too.

I have 72 roses and ordered 33 more! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

The French Are Here!

The French imports from Vintage Gardens arrived yesterday! They all look good- that long one is Frederic II de Prusse. The others are Triomphe de la Duchere, Ornement des Bosquets, and Florence Ducher.  I missed out on Earl of Eldon. 
French imports from Vintage Gardens

Earlier in the week, the Jude the Obscure replacement arrived- and he brought along three friends.  The Impressionist, Desiree, and Bishop's Castle.
from Heirloom Roses

Oh!  The Antique Rose Emporium has selected me to participate in their 2013-2014 Rose Trial!  They want to encourage more fall rose plantings. I'll be comparing the Monsieur Tillier rose from this fall to another they will send in the spring. 

I'll leave you with this dainty beauty, 'Natchitoches Noisette'. (pronounced Nak-uh-tish)
'Natchitoches Noisette'

Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm Ba-a-ck!

 I didn't really go anywhere, just busy with other things- house, horses, work, kids, classic cars.
We've had more rain in the past three weeks than the last three years.  We really needed it, but it didn't have to fall all at once.  My driveway is now across the street.

Forty roses have survived the summer heat and humidity, and not the ones I expected. They're mostly Hybrid Teas and David Austins.  Weird, huh?  And all but 2 are from Heirloom Roses.
Glamis Castle
Grande Dame

Most of the climbers are happy. Love Song is doing great and Jasmina loves it here.
Love Song

Jude is not too pleased though. His replacement is on the way!

I'm not at all happy with Hortico.  It took a month to get an answer- no refund, but they agreed to send to send replacements this fall.  So now I've sent 3 emails to remind them and (surprise! surprise!) no reply.  I will never order from them again,nor recommend them.

I stumbled upon a new nursery, Angel Gardens. Well, new to me anyway.  I don't know how I missed her before.  I placed an order and Pam called the next day!  She suggested a few different roses and promptly shipped them.  They dropped their all leaves but that happens.

Little blooms on Souvenir de la Malmaison and Monsieur Tiller.
Souvenir de la Malmaison

Monsieur Tillier    

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I went out this morning to take some pics and play with my new camera.  I wanted to see what "Magic" does.  Pretty cool!  Besides fish eye, pinhole, panorama and soft focus- it does


I really like those last two, so I thought I'd mosey over and get some uncluttered pics of the foals.  And that's when I stepped on this-
I didn't know I could still move that fast!  It didn't even rattle.  So first I shot it with my camera, then I really shot it!

That kid is 6' 2"!   I think I just found something to do indoors...all day!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Odds and Ends

 It's trying to storm again.  I did get the tangerine trees potted, and the jasmine.
'Dancy' on the left, & 'Sunburst'

  Look! Baby Tangerines! (I think)

'Dancy' babies
My son said if he knew tangerines made me so happy, he would've bought me a whole bag.  Instead, he's taking me to see "IRONMAN 3!"  Yes! 

I've been playing with my new Olympus VR-370 camera.  It does panoramic views and even something called "Magic".  I'm still figuring out the zoom!

 There were only a few blooms to pluck today.  I took them in and tucked them in a dainty aqua vase on my nightstand.
 While I was outside, Clarise rearranged them for me. 


I found them!  I've been to all the local nurseries looking for tangerine trees-no luck.  I called around all over-no luck.  And you can't import them from out of state.  I figured I'd settle for an orange tree.  See, this is all 1st Man's fault.  He keeps posting these great pics of his fruit trees, and so I just had to get some!
Then I stopped at Home Depot for something else, and there they were!  I had already called them that morning.  "No, all we have are orange, lemon and grapefruit."  HA! 
So I got two- 'Dancy' and 'Sunburst'. I'll get them potted up today.

Now all I need is a plum!

I also picked up Carolina Jasmine, a little basket of Wandering Jew, and some fuchsia to kill.  Oops! I'll be needing a dogwood tree for the jasmine to climb, won't I? 
Big Fuchsia
Little Fuchsia
'Wandering Jew'

It's been rainy off and on here. Yea!  Went from nothing but sand to this.
Lookin' for lizards
It's clumpy Johnson grass, but it's green!  I'll let the mommy horses eat it down.  I'll have to guard my roses; they'll go for those first.   I can't wait to get rid of this crap and have a lawn.  Just a little one, between the house and the driveway.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Odds and Ends

The thunderstorms have finally moved on, and the high winds have died down, so now I can get some new roses potted up today.   Three miniatures, 'Moonlight Sensation'/'Whimsy'/'Elfinglo' and two fragrance roses, 'Rhapsody in Blue/'Fragrant Keepsake'.   I gave the two 'Rainbow's End' as gifts; my friends are too impatient to wait 'til Mother's Day.

'Mme. Laurette Messimy' has made an delicate appearance, and 'Love Song' is still holding on.  I like this rose more and more every day.
'Mme. Laurette Messimy'

'Love Song'
Hydrangea "L.A.Dreamin' is looking good.  This is a small hydrangea, 2'x3'.  From

"Summer through fall, L.A. Dreamin’ will delight gardeners and onlookers with three gorgeous shades of blooms in deep pink, deep blue, and a lovely mauve combination of the two.
• Huge blooms are set off against shiny, bright green foliage that is nearly translucent when backlit by sunlight.
• Unlike typical ‘mophead’ hydrangeas, L.A. Dreamin’ blooms without any winter protection on both old and new wood.   L.A. Dreamin’ blooms under a wide range of soil pH conditions with no extra effort required."
Sounds perfect, doesn't it?  I think I'll plant it next to my porch steps.

'Jasmina' is really making up for lost time, and good old 'Iceberg' is full of buds this chilly morning.

The weather's warming back up, so I definitely need to repot the lilacs and herbs.  Especially that pot-hogging Dusty Miller.  Yikes!  There's lavender in there somewhere.
'Josee Lilacs'

Two of the Hortico roses are finally starting to bud- 'Augusta Luise'(aka 'Rachel') and 'Bonita Renaissance'.  But the other two are kaput.  That's sad because I can't find them anywhere else in the US.

'Bonita Renaissance'