Saturday, May 4, 2013

Odds and Ends

The thunderstorms have finally moved on, and the high winds have died down, so now I can get some new roses potted up today.   Three miniatures, 'Moonlight Sensation'/'Whimsy'/'Elfinglo' and two fragrance roses, 'Rhapsody in Blue/'Fragrant Keepsake'.   I gave the two 'Rainbow's End' as gifts; my friends are too impatient to wait 'til Mother's Day.

'Mme. Laurette Messimy' has made an delicate appearance, and 'Love Song' is still holding on.  I like this rose more and more every day.
'Mme. Laurette Messimy'

'Love Song'
Hydrangea "L.A.Dreamin' is looking good.  This is a small hydrangea, 2'x3'.  From

"Summer through fall, L.A. Dreamin’ will delight gardeners and onlookers with three gorgeous shades of blooms in deep pink, deep blue, and a lovely mauve combination of the two.
• Huge blooms are set off against shiny, bright green foliage that is nearly translucent when backlit by sunlight.
• Unlike typical ‘mophead’ hydrangeas, L.A. Dreamin’ blooms without any winter protection on both old and new wood.   L.A. Dreamin’ blooms under a wide range of soil pH conditions with no extra effort required."
Sounds perfect, doesn't it?  I think I'll plant it next to my porch steps.

'Jasmina' is really making up for lost time, and good old 'Iceberg' is full of buds this chilly morning.

The weather's warming back up, so I definitely need to repot the lilacs and herbs.  Especially that pot-hogging Dusty Miller.  Yikes!  There's lavender in there somewhere.
'Josee Lilacs'

Two of the Hortico roses are finally starting to bud- 'Augusta Luise'(aka 'Rachel') and 'Bonita Renaissance'.  But the other two are kaput.  That's sad because I can't find them anywhere else in the US.

'Bonita Renaissance'


  1. Mme. Laurette Messimy is so pretty. I am so sorry about your two dead roses, especially since they were so uncommon.

    1. We are losing so many rose nurseries, and OGRs. I wish I could grow them all!


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