Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Odds and Ends

 It's trying to storm again.  I did get the tangerine trees potted, and the jasmine.
'Dancy' on the left, & 'Sunburst'

  Look! Baby Tangerines! (I think)

'Dancy' babies
My son said if he knew tangerines made me so happy, he would've bought me a whole bag.  Instead, he's taking me to see "IRONMAN 3!"  Yes! 

I've been playing with my new Olympus VR-370 camera.  It does panoramic views and even something called "Magic".  I'm still figuring out the zoom!

 There were only a few blooms to pluck today.  I took them in and tucked them in a dainty aqua vase on my nightstand.
 While I was outside, Clarise rearranged them for me. 

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  1. That second photo of the bird is fabulous! And your last photo reminded me of why I don't bring many roses in to put in vases. It can be quite dangerous!


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