Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm Ba-a-ck!

 I didn't really go anywhere, just busy with other things- house, horses, work, kids, classic cars.
We've had more rain in the past three weeks than the last three years.  We really needed it, but it didn't have to fall all at once.  My driveway is now across the street.

Forty roses have survived the summer heat and humidity, and not the ones I expected. They're mostly Hybrid Teas and David Austins.  Weird, huh?  And all but 2 are from Heirloom Roses.
Glamis Castle
Grande Dame

Most of the climbers are happy. Love Song is doing great and Jasmina loves it here.
Love Song

Jude is not too pleased though. His replacement is on the way!

I'm not at all happy with Hortico.  It took a month to get an answer- no refund, but they agreed to send to send replacements this fall.  So now I've sent 3 emails to remind them and (surprise! surprise!) no reply.  I will never order from them again,nor recommend them.

I stumbled upon a new nursery, Angel Gardens. Well, new to me anyway.  I don't know how I missed her before.  I placed an order and Pam called the next day!  She suggested a few different roses and promptly shipped them.  They dropped their all leaves but that happens.

Little blooms on Souvenir de la Malmaison and Monsieur Tiller.
Souvenir de la Malmaison

Monsieur Tillier    


  1. Grande Dame and Love Song are beautiful! Maybe it's because the bloom hasn't opened yet, or the color on my computer screen, but that Monsieur Tiller bloom just doesn't look like MT to me.

    1. Hi! I'll have to wait and see,(I disbudded it before it got any bigger) but I've read that sometimes young MT pops up pink. My Chihuly is different every bloom, but it's still young. I love the color of Grande Dame! I suspect Love Song will be a blooming machine when she's older.


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